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A Life Changing Experience

A Life Changing Experience

My time in Shanghai to date has definitely been memorable. I have met so many interesting people, learnt an incredible amount in my time working for my host company and acquired a taste of what it is like to live in a country completely different to back home.


My work to has mainly comprised of creating financial models and pitchbooks for potential merger and acquisition opportunities. I have also been responsible along with the other finance interns for organising a networking event to be held this coming Friday. This task has required to making contact with international chambers of commerce in Shanghai as well as contacts we’ve met at networking events during our time here.


There are so many interesting cuisines to try over here. Working in the financial district in Pudong has allowed me great exposure to some high quality food which would almost certainly be at least four times the price back home. There are also many western restaurants around the district as well as the rest of the city.

In Shanghai there is a service called Sherpa’s. You can order almost any type of food you can think of from your favourite restaurant and someone will pick it up and deliver it to your door for roughly two dollars Australian. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t used this service more than a few times!

One of my favourite places to eat has been Morton’s Steakhouse. This is located in the IFC Mall in Pudong. For around $6.50 Australian you can get a drink and unlimited steak sandwiches between 5 and 7pm. The restaurant is very popular with expats and is going to be the location for the networking event the other interns and I will be hosting.



The Absolute Internship program includes many unique and exciting events. Last week the other shanghai interns and I went to a Chinese acrobat show which was incredible. We also went go karting last week which was a lot of fun.

Yesterday I went to the top of what is colloquially known as the ‘bottle opener’. This is actually the Shanghai World Financial Centre. The view was amazing – you could see the whole of the Pudong district lit up at night. There is also a bar and restaurant at the lookout at which you can dine and take in the sights.

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