A few things left undone

A few things left undone


This Sunday I had an apple. I know there’s hardly anything interesting about it… and that’s the whole point – it was an ordinary apple. The strange-looking, tasting and smelling fruits that my co-intern heroes and I used to be curious to try and have for brunch on Sundays were far behind me in Hong Kong while I was crossing Europe to get back home.

During our last night in Hong Kong we returned to the quiet spot on Hong Kong Island where we used to go once in a while to watch the ferries sail off to Macau or other unknown destinations. The weather was dynamic, or should I say typical of Hong Kong: first the sky was covered with fast moving clouds, then it was clear and full of stars and finally it started raining – as if Hong Kong wanted to show us all of its particularities in the few hours before we had to leave. It is hard to believe that an entire month has passed. As we were taking a last glance at the horizon where the other side of Hong Kong was preparing to enjoy the night life, we were reflecting on all the amazing things we had seen and done. Researching places to visit and getting lost on the way, eating without really knowing what we were eating, trying to bargain at the markets, working on projects and preparing presentations at our internship – these were only few of the things we had experienced. And yet, I realize there are still a few things left unfinished.


To begin with, I am still unused to seeing that all the scaffoldings around the buildings almost reaching the sky are made from bamboo. It is really hard to believe how resistant the thin culms are! Apart from this, I am leaving Hong Kong without having participated in one of the numerous groups practicing tai chi in the parks that I walked by on my way from work. Certainly, my chopsticks skills have improved, yet I still have to learn to eat noodles as the locals do… And no doubt there are many more treasures Hong Kong has kept hidden from me.

But still – this short time was incredibly rich with wonderful discoveries and experiences that have created memories we will keep with us and return to every time we meet somewhere around the world 🙂



None of these adventures would have been the same if it wasn’t for Ilaria and her book-guide, Paul and his hunger for unusual food, Alessio and his planning skills, Nikita and Janelle – our local tour guides, and Vedant and his priceless selfie-stick! Thank you for inspiring me to write this blog and sharing with me the desire to discover Hong Kong.



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