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A Day In The Life Of A London Intern

internship in london program

A Day In The Life Of A London Intern


You chose to participate in the Absolute Internship in London. Featured on the World’s Top News Media such as BBC News, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times, and Forbes, this internship allows students to discover more of the world while growing in their careers and gaining experience. With tons of excursions, career growth events, and new adventures and exposures, this program is an amazing opportunity for any individual seeking personal and professional growth. For more information, you can check out the link here


The Bells Are Ringing

You awaken to the bells of St. Paul’s Cathedral. The sun is shining (you’re lucky!) and you’ve slept restfully in your new bed. Your accommodation was provided by Absolute Internship, putting your mind at ease. They ensured you would reside in high-quality student housing. Transport connections are just a short walk away. You get to live and work with people in your program from around the world! Your roommate is from Italy and you’ve become fast friends. 

You decided to sign up for an internship in London, a program with guaranteed internships, travel, and an insane alumni network when searching for the right opportunity for growth. Here, you knew you could launch your career while building lifelong memories and relationships that would diversify your experience. As you launch into the workforce, you know you’ll be armed with some solid experiences to allow you to grow in your personal and professional life. 



“Mind The Gap”

You walk up to the Tube, the train used all over London, with your fresh Oyster card provided by Absolute Internship. You slap the card on the reader and hop through the turnstyle onto the platform. You’re greeted by a cheery “Mind The Gap” as you step onto the crisp and clean train car.

The ride is short, and soon you arrive at your office. You were able to choose from several industries to try your hand in, such as finance, fashion, marketing, business, public relations, and many more. You chose public relations and got to work with a top PR firm. You are extra excited, as today you have a  workshop at your internship. These workshops allow you to learn more about your industry and gain a greater understanding of how they work. The program even features career speakers that come in and help you learn even more about your industry. The Absolute Internship has guaranteed you will leave feeling a greater understanding of your industry, and feeling armed with the knowledge and experience to beat out the ever-growing tough competition in the workforce.



A Weekend Away At Oxford

After a long and enjoyable day of learning and working, you remember it’s Friday – a weekend awaits! This weekend, Absolute Internship is going for an overnight stay in Oxford! This is one of several trips and excursions you’ll go on including a guided tour of the city, a trip to Stonehenge and Bath, visits to local markets, and a ride on the London Eye. Not only are you working hard, but you’re getting to play hard in a city that is as beautiful as it is historic. In Oxford, you’ll spend the days at events and tours, and you’ll have the nights to explore however you wish. You think you might want to read your new Shakespeare play at a coffee shop, or perhaps find a pub to go to. 

After a quick bus ride with your group to Oxford and a delicious dinner of fish and chips, you lay down in the hotel provided by Absolute Internship. You feel so lucky to have been able to go on this experience and are looking forward to all that is to come. 

Sounds pretty good, right?


You’ve Sold Me

You too can have these experiences, so long as you’re over 18! The Absolute Internship in London is a great opportunity for growth without the additional language barrier. London is one of the largest business centers on the globe while being chock-full of history. It’s the perfect place to spend the summer! Included in the price are your accommodation, your guaranteed internship placement, transportation card, a welcome dinner and orientation, career speakers, weekend activities, and 24 hours onsite support! This year, the earliest start date is June 2nd, 2023.  The program offers 4, 8, and 12 week experiences. We cannot WAIT to see you there!


[Learn More About The London Internship Program Here]

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