A Day As an Intern

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A Day As an Intern

china colleaguesIt takes roughly an hour and twenty minutes by metro to get to work. When I get off the metro, my company has a private bus that picks me up and takes me to our company’s lot, which is very convenient. I can’t say how lucky I am for where I intern at. I work for a pharmaceutical company that works with both anti-inflammatory and oncology drugs. They will soon be out on the market, so look out for their brand name. Everyone here is very friendly to me, for I am there ever first American intern. All of my co-workers are Chinese, and often times enjoy trying to learn new English words from me during our lunch breaks. My supervisor is great by always checking up on me and making sure I’m easily adjusted to their work environment. I have my own cubicle and even receive free lunch every day. The perks here are endless, and I’m so fortunate that they treat me so well. I am excited to play a game of badminton this coming Friday against some co-workers.

My typical work day consists of me proofreading already translated protocols that need help with correcting the grammatical errors. It can sometimes be really hard work, but it is definitely helping me learn and understand how a pharmaceutical company works globally. In addition, I get to attend their weekly group meetings, and towards the end of the meetings, I put on an “English Corner” presentation, where I show my other co-workers common English grammar rules. Last week I taught them how to use the appropriate number of commas when writing out lists, and how to use articles in a sentence. It’s definitely a wonderful feeling knowing that I am able to help other co-workers learn, because they definitely are helping me learn more about both the Chinese culture and how global pharmaceutical companies work.

This internship has allowed me to grow more as a person, by allowing me to learn more about culture differences and how to be patient when it comes to language barrier. It has also taught me various business skills, which I can take back to America and apply it towards my future career. Overall, because of this internship experience, I’m excited to see what opportunities open for me in my future career path.

Stay tuned.

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