A challenge that leaves me speechless

A challenge that leaves me speechless

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The first couple of days in Hong Kong are definitely a challenge!

After more than 24 hours of travelling, me and Alessio, a friend from the same university as I (John Cabot University in Rome) that is doing the same program with Absolute Internship, successfully arrived to this incredible city!

The first thing that took my breath away was … the humidity! The air seems much heavier here than in any other place I’ve been to so far. And then of course the infinitely many skyscrapers! I grew up in Sofia and then moved to Rome, but none of those cities have skyscrapers located so densely and close to one another! The fact that I can’t see the horizon without rising my head definitely leaves me speechless!

In spite of the fact that we were very tired from the trip, it was a great pleasure to meet all the interns during the welcome dinner! We all come from different places, have incredibly diverse backgrounds and astonishingly brave plans for the future!

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On Saturday we got to try some delicious dim sum at a very traditional place where no one spoke English so it was challenging to figure out how things work there… On Sunday Absolute Internship organized an amazing race for us, which was so much fun, we got to know each other better and had a great time exploring the city and searching for some of its landmarks.

The first day of work… that was a real challenge! I work at a small startup based at Cyberport, outside the crowded and busy city center. The place is really nice, on the 5th floor it’s the incubator – an entire floor for small startups that are searching for funds for their astonishing ideas! Getting to work is definitely a challenge! I have to take two buses and it is a bit tricky as I don’t speak neither Cantonese nor Mandarin, so sometimes I feel powerless as it is not always easy to find a person who understands English and ask him for directions! Nevertheless, I made it to the office to meet George, the founder, Maxine, co-founder of  and with 2 other interns, Derek and Will. The atmosphere is very nice and calm, we are all enthusiastic about our job and the Hong Kong internship looks like a promising opportunity to learn and explore!

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