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A Canadian in Paris

Eiffel Tower in Paris

A Canadian in Paris

Paris! First thing that comes to mind is what a beautiful city..  just like London and most European cities, it has some of the most stunning buildings and a whole lot of history. From London, it’s pretty close the train is about 100 Euro’s which is pretty good and you can just get on from Kings Cross(which is where we are staying.. about 10 minute walk) so it’s super convenient! We spent 2 days and 1 night which is a good amount of time to see all the touristy sights. If your looking to really get into the city and explore, you would definitely need more but we managed to squeeze a lot in and treked quite a distance while we were there!  We stayed at Mont Clair hostel.. which had surprisingly comfortable beds believe it or not!


Day 1: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dam, The Lourve.

As you can imagine the Eiffel Tower is absolutely huge! And so is the line up to go up to the top. People must have had to been waiting AT LEAST 4-5 hours the cues were huge.. if you’ve got the time in Paris sure why not! But we were on a tight schedule so we just took photos from below. Hard to even get the whole thing in a photo. It’s right on the river and the train will take you directly there. There are tons of places around to grab a bite and have a picnic or just sit down and relax.. travelling doesn’t always have to be constantly go-dont forget to take some time to yourself and really take in the sights!

From there, we walked along the river towards the Lourve which was our next stop. There’s lots of gardens around, and every building is amazing.. hard to keep track of what each is.


This bridge was along the Seine River, which we walked along the and eventually crossed over on. It was just newly restored and pictures just don’t do it any justice.. it was a gift from the Russians back in the late 19th century (if I recall) and is super cool in real life.. the new paint job looks cool.. it’s a slate-gray colour and looks great!

Taking our time on our way to the Louvre, we seen a lot of cool sights! My memory isn’t the best and there were just so much to see in such a small amount of time I lost track.. however, got tons of photos!


Finally… The Louvre! I wish we could have went inside but the line ups again, because it’s summer and always super busy we just didn’t have time. But it is probably my favourite thing I’ve seen since I’ve been here.. by far! The intricate details of the building is absolutely the most amazing! It used to be the house of the king.. which France no longer has but apparently some of his descendants still live in a section? Lucky! The relatively new glass structure outside is a super popular photo people always get in; because of the way it’s built you can hop up on a stand they have around for street performers and get a photo where it looks like your hand is on top. Cool optical illusion!


Paris art in street

Next: Notre Dam! Another extremely detailed building.. and from different sides of the building it looks different… everyone has the own favourite side… guess that just means you’ll have to just go check it out and see for yourself 😉


Pretty exhausted after this so we hurried home to head to the pub for dinner and to watch France vs Spain in the Euro Cup. On our way we got to see painters doing portraits and they were so intense and extremely talented! That is the way I pictured Paris.. it’s nice to see the touristy things but you want to see what the people of Paris get to see everyday!

Sunday was a little rainy, so it was a day to just take our time and do a little more exploring since we got mostly everything in the day before. We went to see Moulin Rouge but it was closed.. got a photo from the outside at least!

All in all… it was a lovely trip!! However, I do recommend that you brush up on your French even if it’s just a little bit. The French appreciate it!

Next up on the schedule: WIRELESS FESTIVAL!!!! For a lover of electronic music.. this is going to be one of my highlights and I’m super excited!!!!

See you soon!!!! 🙂


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