60,000 different food options

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60,000 different food options

china foodAfter spending more than a month in Shanghai City, I have become acclimated to the everyday culture of the Shanghainese citizens. When I first arrived, the thing that surprised me most was the sheer amount of people in the city. I always knew that Shanghai was one of the largest cities in the entire world, but when you experience it first hand, it is something you’ll never forget.

Miles upon miles of high rises line every square block of the city, and the traffic never stops. I also knew that it is a very modern and westernized city with a lot of wealthy people, but the amount of luxury cars and shops on every street corner really caught me off guard. I was also surprised by the amount of food choices, nearly sixty thousand different options! I have eaten food from all over the world since being in Shanghai, and it is all very delicious. In terms of the culture, it is not my favorite. I was told that I will learn what patience is while in China, and I assumed that to mean that everyone is patient. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The morning commute is filled with “busy” travelers who are too focused on watching their television show on their cell phone to look out for other people on the sidewalk. The metro is packed tighter than a can of sardines, and when the doors open, everyone tries to enter and exit at the same time. It drives me crazy. In terms of the roadways, it is also something I will never understand. The only was I can describe it is organized chaos. Traffic laws are ignored and drivers are constantly looking for gaps to open up in order to barley squeeze their car through. It is an interesting sight to say the least. Compared to my quiet hometown in Illinois, Shanghai is a monster. A fascinating city with the most unique skyline I have ever seen. A city filled with great bars, restaurants, and shopping everywhere you look.
Adapting to the unique culture has been a challenge and an experience unlike any other.

I am looking forward to my last two weeks in Shanghai.

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