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Five Reasons You Should Be a Remote Intern

Remote Internship - Absolute Internship

Five Reasons You Should Be a Remote Intern

  1. Mr./ Mrs. Worldwide!

At Absolute Internship, a remote international internship is only a click away. Absolute Internship works with 800 employers in over 30 industries, making it hard to not find something for everyone. Remote internships will allow you to market yourself to future employers, prove your worth remotely at no travel cost, and kick-start an international career from anywhere. With guaranteed remote internship placement, the hassle of tracking down an internship for yourself dissolves. Instead you can use that time to find a cozy place to work from (or a nice beach to work from too.) Become Mr. /Mrs. Worldwide from the comfort of your couch!

  1. Skills To Die For!

According to the top 3 skills in demand for employers today are:  agility, flexibility, and adaptability. By gaining experience working remotely from the get-go, you prove to future employers you have the skills needed to “make it work”.  Working with other cultures demands adaptability as differences in language and customs can add an additional challenge to one’s work life. This will only further develop an individual’s ability, flexibility, and adaptability. 

The fourth most desired skill in 2022 by employers according to Forbes is modern communication. By communicating remotely with people all over the globe in your internship, you sharpen and hone this skill, making you irresistible to employers. Your ability to communicate in the digital space is a skill that is sure to only become more in demand, so consider a remote internship to develop this. Communicating cross-culturally is also a highly valued trait, and by completing a remote international internship, you’ll be far ahead of your peers. 

  1. Inclusions, Be Including!

Included in the Absolute Internship Program is not *just* the experience itself. Instead the experience will round you out as an individual, impacting you well after the experience is over. Absolute Internship provides tons of benefits to those who select the remote internship experience including: career development workshops and a career speaker series to grow your knowledge and understanding of your field. They also provide customized 1:1 coaching sessions and placement support to make sure you truly are finding an industry you love and feel comfortable in. If interested, you can engage in business and cultural etiquette training and learn lifelong habits that are sure to impress future employers. Here, you have the opportunity to truly learn whatever you put your mind to, from the comfort of your couch!

Fancy learning a new language? Included in your experience is access to a language training platform. Adding an additional language to your resume is sure to impress. Also included in your experience is access to the Absolute Academy: a resource library specific to your remote internship. This is an e-learning platform, designed with courses you can take to go above and beyond during your internship. Really take advantage of the tools you’re given-you’ll use them for the rest of your career.

  1. Program So Flexible It Can Do A Backbend!

The Remote Internship Program is fully customizable and is offered to students worldwide with a flexible start date, part-time to full-time. The program also guarantees you a project-based internship placement, for 20-40 hours a week in the country or career field of your choice, for a duration of 4-16 weeks. This opportunity allows you to continue with your academic career while furthering your career, career in tandem.  With tons of employers and locations to choose from, you can truly get whatever you wish to out of your remote internship experience. 

  1. Network To The Gods!

In today’s world, networking is of the utmost importance. Who you know often equates to what experiences and opportunities you have available to you when you begin job hunting. The Absolute Internship makes sure you’re ready to tackle that. Upon completion of the program, participants gain access to our ​​Remote Interns Association LinkedIn Group. With the access you gain, you can reach out to previous interns around the globe and network with your newfound community. This advantage is huge to say the least. Here, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Absolute Internship also features employability support, to make sure you land the job. You will find interviews and advice from industry leaders with this service that will deliver the newest market insights!

Sold yet? If these five reasons didn’t convince you (they convinced this writer!) then you can learn more on Absolute Internships website. Check out Absolute Internships Remote Internship page here. To see stories from Alumni of the program you can read all about them here

We’ll see you (virtually) super soon!

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