3 Things You Need To Know About Fashion Internships In Paris

Fashion Internships In Paris

3 Things You Need To Know About Fashion Internships In Paris

So you’ve scored the coolest internship, huh? Congratulations on an extremely exciting endeavor that is sure to help launch your fashion career. Get ready to see the most immaculate outfits while walking the cobble streets of the Louvre, or perhaps while drinking at a cafe outside the Eiffel Tower. 

But before we get there, you’ll need to prepare in order to make the most of your experience.  Here are  three crucial things you need to know about fashion internships in Paris

Know Your Stuff

You’ve made it to the holy grail of all things fashion! Fashion in Paris is deeply ingrained in the culture of the city, so it’s important for you to come armed to the teeth with knowledge about it. 

Before you arrive do your research as to what the people of Paris are currently wearing, and what is influencing their styles most. Street style is quite different from other big cities in Paris. They are known for a very elegant and timeless style, rooted in good quality and an effortless vibe. Keep your eye out for what those around you are wearing and you’ll be shocked how much inspiration you’ll pick up! 

The French are well regarded for their fashion history. Familiarize yourself with the icons, like Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent. Learn how Paris’ history has influenced the city’s fashion over time, as well as how Parisian fashion has impacted your own home countries’. Understanding where the current styles have historically come from will aid you greatly in beginning to immerse yourself in your fashion internship. 

Paris Fashion week is one of the most synonymous things we think of to Paris itself. It is a whole week where top designers show their fashions for the following season and it will likely influence your fashion internship in a large way. Whether it’s studying previous fashion weeks or getting to even go to a few shows during Fashion Week for your internship, these are valuable experiences for a future career in the fashion world. 

And finally, it won’t hurt to google some french fashion terminology just in case you find yourself hearing them frequently. Watch some TikToks to hear the slang for current trends and styles! Impress your colleagues with your knowledge by preparing before you go for both the historical and the modern terms.

Fashion Internships In Paris

Be Professional 

While in  the past when writing about Parisian internships, we’ve remarked how relaxed the French can be about work start times. Not for a fashion internship. The fashion industry is significantly more cut throat so it’s important to make sure to be as prompt as you can. Feel it out of course, you might intern for a group that doesn’t take start time as seriously, but in general it’s important to put your best foot forward on this front. 

On the  topic of cut throat industries, adaptability is a highly sought after trait for your fashion internship. Be ready to pivot and adjust to the dynamic environment of the fashion world. Be ready to learn new skills, take on new responsibilities, and move like water in the ever changing circumstances of your internship. Show that you are ready and willing to go with the flow and make great things!

Networking, as with all internships, is extremely important to making the most of your time. This is especially important in the fashion world, where connections can lay a huge part in your ability to try new things in the industry. Paris being the mecca of all things fashion, this is  the place to go above and beyond with meeting new people. Attend industry events, fashion exhibits, and be as present as you can. 

Walk The Walk

As obvious as it sounds, it is important to come to Paris for your fashion internship with some knowledge of the language. While the show Emily In Paris might make it sound like everyone knows English, you cannot expect that to always be true. By coming with some semblance of a base knowledge in French you’ll not only show your respect to the country, but you’ll also help yourself in any situation where English might not be the common tongue. 

Aside from language, adapt to the cultural etiquette as soon as you can. This includes greetings, manners, and appropriate behavior in professional settings. For example, the French customarily greet each other with a kiss on each cheek, something that is foreign in other places in the world.  You won’t see any French people talking loudly on the train or in the street, either. Work on staying elegant and classy no matter where you are and you are one step closer to emulating the French! 

While you’re spending so much time taking inspiration from the street style around as well as the historical fashion houses you’ve researched, don’t forget to take some from the sites! With beautiful architecture all around you, it will be hard to not become instantly inspired. Take some time to visit famous museums and inspire awe in yourself as you gaze at some of the world’s greatest collections of art. With the Louvre, Palace of Versailles Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame Cathedral (the list goes on and on) there’s plenty to keep you rooted in the culture and history of the city outside of strictly the more obvious connections to fashion.

Now that you are an expert on all of the things you need to know about fashion internships in Paris, you are now ready, armed with knowledge, to begin your journey. While you are out enjoying your fabulous experience don’t forget self care. Paris can be intense, so make sure to take time to enjoy the slower paced aspects of Parisian life as well. Cafe culture is integral in the experience, so remember to indulge in the delicious food the city offers, while also taking breaks to explore and maintain a healthy balance between your fashion internship and your life as a traveler. 

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