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23.5 Million and One

23.5 Million and One

When you grab a can of soda and start to shake it, pressure begins to build and the longer you shake that can of soda the greater the pressure is.  When you finally open that can it is going to explode spraying soda everywhere.  Now imagine that you have a can of soda that that has been shaking for months and is about to be opened.  This is how I felt having finally arrived in Shanghai.

Arriving at the airport I felt like someone on a blind date as I was desperately hoping not to get stood up as I walked out the gate looking for that “Absolute Internship” sign.  I was pleasantly surprised to be met by the program director and personally shown around my apartment and local area.

The apartment, which I am sharing with two other interns, has a nice feel with wooden floors, matching antique style furniture and a lot of open living space.  My room came with a welcome pack containing everything that I need from a Chinese sim card to a tube of Pringles.  After a short nap I went out for a welcome dinner and a chance to meet the other interns.

The new interns were not the only attendees to the welcome dinner, we were also joined by our program director, a few of the interns from the last month and the directors of Absolute Internship.  It was a great chance to experience some authentic Chinese food and get to know everyone.  I was pleasantly surprised by how well everyone clicked over dinner, from an outsider’s perspective we must have looked like a group of old friends.

After an action packed weekend of sightseeing and building new friendships the big day had come, my first day at work.  Getting the subway to work during rush hour felt as though I was at a Justin Beiber concert, I was out of my element and there were swarms of people everywhere.  To get to work you just have to hope that you are in the right crowd to carry you to your platform.

After emerging from the hive that is Shanghai’s subway, I was in the office and ready to start the day.  The office at my internship is very nice with outstanding views of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower from my desk.  The other intern and I were both made to feel very welcome with smiles and handshakes surrounding us all day.  To top it all off we had a long chat over coffee with the boss and a few other people in the office.

Though I have only been here a few days I already feel at home in this fast paced city.  I have had a lot of new experiences and I and witnessing a culture like nothing I have seen before.  My relationship with Shanghai has started on the right foot with a fantastic new network of friendships and a warm work environment.


Rob Soros

Scholarship recipient for public relations internship in Shanghai, China

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