10 Benefits of Remote Internships

10 Benefits of Remote Internships

Remote internships have grown to be another option for those who want to improve their skills and resumes in the industry they wish to pursue their professional path. Any type of experience, in-person or remote, come with a handful of benefits; let’s see 10 benefits derived from remote work:


1. Enjoy the flexibility

Being a remote intern gives you the opportunity to, on one hand, choose the program start date every two weeks all year round, choose the duration of the program up to 16 weeks, and work between 20 to 30 hours per week. On the other hand, remote internships give you the chance to accommodate and set your own working schedule, letting you align your school or local part-time job with your remote internship tasks and responsibilities.

By communicating it properly to your supervisor, the opportunity to decide how and when you will complete your projects during the week, is one of the most notorious remote internship benefits.


2. Say goodbye to geographic limitations

Improving your resume with an international internship doesn’t have to wait until you have a long vacation and can travel. You can choose where to work without geographical limitations or expensive plane tickets.  

You can have a remote work experience in Japan, China, or France and get to grow as a professional without the need to travel overseas or have full availability to go abroad.


3. Save your time

Commuting to work every day can make your week a lot shorter. By not having to spend part of your day going back and forth to a workplace, you can optimize your time and schedule to your benefit.

Think how much you could do in the 30 min to 1h that is taken up by commuting?


4. Choose your work environment

And it can be different every day!

Local cafés, co-working spaces, home or libraries – your office might be anywhere you feel comfortable or inspired working that day. As long as you have your required tools (computer, internet, mobile phone, etc.) even the gym can be your work space.

Two men working from a co-working space

5. Save money for something else

Often internships are unpaid, and undertaking an international internship can mean investing a substantial sum of money, among others, with plane ticket expenses. If this is not an option at the moment, by doing remote work not only do you save money on transportation, eating out or getting to another country, but it allows you to save some money for future plans, while learning about the industry you wish to pursue a professional future in.

And if you have some spare time, you can even get a local part-time job to help you save!


6. Increase your sense of accountability

Interns working remotely can benefit from not having a supervisor next to them. This helps you practice your sense of responsibility and level of accountability towards getting the job done properly and in due time, for which a strong work ethic is much needed from your side.  


7. Discover your working style

Knowing yourself and your preferred work methodology is a remote internship benefit that allows you to be your most productive self, and create your own working structure.

Maybe you feel better working late at night, or you are an early bird!


8. Improve your communication skills

Working remotely requires you to communicate effectively, no doubt that this is a key element during the remote internship program. You will get a lot of opportunities to practice this skill by responding to emails promptly and making sure you have well explained what you want to communicate.

Be proactive and use all the means possible to improve your communication skills; aside from emails, we have many free video calls and conference tools at hand.


9. Expand your tech knowledge

Being a remote intern will require you to be proactive in many ways, like learning new tools by yourself and improving your technology skills, which is an important lesson for every type of job you will have.

As such, this type of experience can be an amazing opportunity to become more self-sufficient with new technologies related to the industry you wish to follow a career path in.


10. Learn to set goals and priorities

By creating your own working schedule and being accountable for your responsibilities, you will learn to set your own boundaries and desired path to accomplish your goals. Trying to integrate your remote work, classes, social life and maybe even a part-time job, will make you excel and develop more control over your daily activities and priorities, both personally and professionally.  

Team video meeting

As more companies join the remote work trend, internships in this format will help you be prepared for what’s to come when looking for job opportunities, having real hands-on experience, as well as the opportunity to discover yourself professionally and gain the best remote work skills to brag about in future interviews!

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