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Remote 2020 Webinar Series

The Future of Work is Remote

Welcome to the Remote 2020 Webinar series, where we cover relevant topics for university staff and educators worldwide around remote internships and remote work.

Watch each episode on demand and learn from our panelists and both perspectives: students and interns completing the Absolute Internship program and employers based in Europe and Asia.

Sabrina Starke


Webinar Host and University Partnership Manager at Absolute Internship

Insight into Remote Internships from 3 Host Companies Based in Europe and Asia


Watch our first episode of Remote 2020 webinar series to learn what skills are companies looking for in students, how they onboard and evaluate student’s work and what they need to convince an employer to get hired.

Which Students Are Looking for a Remote Internship and How to Reach Them


In our second episode, you will learn about Remote Internships from the perspective of 3 international Absolute alumni who took part in different types of virtual internships. Discover which types of students are looking for a Remote Internship and how to reach them.

Adapting to a Multicultural Work Environment in a Remote Internship


In our third episode, we talk about how companies successfully work with diverse, international remote teams and how they are supporting interns to navigate an unfamiliar work culture.

International Students & Remote Internships

In this episode, we invite 4 international students to talk about their experience with remote internships. They will provide insight into how they adapted to a new working environment and gained cross-cultural work experiences in companies based in Singapore, Beijing, and Barcelona.

Start Ups – Employment Opportunities in Times of Uncertainty


On our fifth session, we invited 3 start-up organizations based in the UK, Barcelona and Madrid that have hosted Absolute interns. During times of uncertainty and economic crisis, start-ups are the best place to find innovation and new employment opportunities, especially for current university students and recent graduates.

Sustainability in Sweden and Singapore


In the spirit of The European Week for Waste Reduction and Giving Tuesday, meet two of our host organizations that work in different areas of sustainability: Positive Energy Ltd and Emmaus Stockholm. In our session they will present on their current projects and remote opportunities for interns, what skills their organizations need most and how all stakeholders can participate in sustainability efforts.

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