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Evolve 2021 Webinar Series

An Educational Series For An Ever-Changing Year

45 minute free sessions designed to foster communication between industry experts, universities and students from around the world on relevant and trending topics in the field of international internships.

Join us in this journey to embrace global education and new formats of learning, and to ultimately evolve with us.

Sabrina Starke


Webinar Host and University Partnership Manager at Absolute Internship

Preparing Students to Create Meaningful Connections with Supervisors

Three seasoned internship supervisors will share insights and tips on how to prepare students to have a successful relationship with their supervisor. Dynamics of in person, remote and hybrid relationships will be explored across cultures in industries such as fashion, social media/Internet and law.

Anna Palmqvist

Anna Palmqvist

Sustainability Manager at The H&M Group, Sweden

Hannah Dinh

Hannah Dinh

Specialist, Global Scaled Operations at Facebook, Ireland

Christina Engebak

Christina Engebak

Managing Director at Lexidy Law Boutique, Spain

Watch Past Webinars On-Demand

Breaking Through The Wall

An inspirational share session with four of our amazing interns based in the UK, Thailand and Peru. You will be inspired and uplifted by their unique journeys working remotely for international companies despite all obstacles.

The Future of US-China Relations

Join us to learn about the current state of business in China for US Citizens, the general climate and expectations for the future and recommendations for universities and students interested in undertaking internships in China. Speakers include President Ker Gibbs at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, among others!

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