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Career Speaker Series

Career Advice for University Students

Tune in to learn insightful career tips, inspiring student stories that went global and recruiting trends to understand the direction of the new international work landscape.

Acing Your Interview & Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile

In the current highly competitive job market, many recent graduates are seeking for a new job opportunity. But how will you make yourself stand out? We will discuss the Dos and Donts in a job interview, how to communicate your strengths and skills, and the importance of an online profile on LinkedIn. Listen to Kameron Ryder and Freddie Crown from Absolute Internship, and Peter Lincoln, Absolute Alumni, and Brand Ambassador, as they dig into tips and tricks on how to ace your interview and maximize your LinkedIn Profile.

Career Advice and Recruiting Trends in 2020

Being a student can get overwhelming if you don’t have a clear view of what are your career goals and how’s your life going to look once you graduate from university. Especially in the current situation, we’re living in. Join Fredrik van Huynh, Absolute Co-Founder, Magdalena Kuzniar, Absolute Placement Mgr, and Gaia Capelli, Absolute Alumni, and Brand Ambassador as they dig into early career tips and what recruiters are looking for in 2020.

A Day in the Life of Remote Internships

With a fast-changing business environment, businesses and young professionals have to adapt to new trends. Renata and Callie will talk about their own experiences with remote internships from a hosting company and a student perspective. Listen to Renata Piazza, founder of Hasekura, and Callie Teague, from University of Oregon, talking about the structure of remote internships, and all its advantages and disadvantages.

Growing into a Professional: The Alumni Perspective

Absolute Internship is incredibly proud of their successful students. We are constantly pushing and encouraging students to follow their dreams and work hard. Watch the webinar to hear more about the journey of becoming a young professional, and the hardships and successes it entails to score a fulfilling and rewarding job.

Are Digital Nomads The Future of Work?

Life as a Digital Nomad sounds too good to be true! But what does it actually mean to work remotely from far away? Is working from a deserted island more exciting than going to the office and being able to spend time with your great team? Listen to Mark van der Heijden, best known as The Backpacker Intern and TED Talker, and Jules Costa, entrepreneur and Journalist, and get insights into digital nomads, the working-as-you-travel lifestyle, and the advantages and disadvantages of being a Digital Nomad.

Alumni Global Experiences – Special International Education Week

We invited our Alumni Inara and Evgenia to walk us through what were their biggest challenges when moving abroad to study or intern, how to deal with new working environments and culture shock, and in which ways an international experience accelerated their career!

Time Management: 5 Techniques to Structure Your Valuable Time

Time management and organizational skills are the most valued skills by recruiters. Our Enrollment Team is constantly navigating between interview calls, projects, and personal projects, such as pursuing their second Master’s degree. At times, even they can feel overwhelmed. Watch the webinar to learn about the most common time management challenges students face and how to tackle them with 5 techniques and best practices. How can we use technology to our advantage? Meet Joel, the Marketing Team Leader at Absolute Internship, Maria and Eli from the Enrollment Team.

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