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Housing in Shanghai

Your Home in Shanghai

The housing in Shanghai for our participants is centrally located downtown in the commercial district with walking distance to the extensive metro system, which will take you across this amazing city. All participants taking part of the Absolute Internship Program will stay in the same secure hotel-apart complex. You’ll have a private bedroom and share your apartment with fellow program participants, giving you the opportunity to get to know students from another part of the world. You’ll have access to a living room and kitchen that are shared among your roommates from the program. Each participant is provided spacious study and work area.

Living and socializing alongside other students from all over the world will be a fun and memorable part of your summer experience with Absolute Internship.

Room Amenities

Linens and bedding


Free Wifi

On-site laundry facilities

24/7 reception

Within 5 Minutes Walk


Dry cleaners


Hair salon


24/7 Convenience store

More Information

Transportation in Shanghai

Shanghai is the city driving one of the world’s largest economies with over 24 million residents. You’ll depend on public transportation to get around during most of your summer. Shanghai has a fantastic metro system which makes navigation easy as signs are written in both English and Chinese.

Located in the heart of Shanghai, the residence is only a 12-15 minutes walk from the nearest metro station. You will receive a metro card upon arrival in Shanghai with a stored value. This electronic, stored-value card provides the most convenient way to travel and commute in the city by metro and bus by simply swiping it over sensors as you enter and leave a station or bus.

Commitment to Safety

Shanghai is a fast-growing mega city, yet one of Asia’s most safest cities and we’ll be with you every step of the way as you explore it. Our International Internship Program Program in China is run by a dedicated and knowledgeable team of Absolute staff. We have years of experience welcoming international students to China and ensuring the safety of our students abroad.

The security department is on call 24 hours a day and 24-7 front desk security is available for you. Each participant must present his or her Residence ID card in order to enter the residence and access the facilities. The housing in Shanghai provides CCTV recording 24-7.

All cultural excursions and weekend activities in Shanghai have been coordinated with student safety as our top priority. Upon arrival, you’ll have an orientation to familiarise yourself with the housing facilities, neighborhood and public transport. You’ll also be provided with key contact information along with guidance on health-, emergency procedures and staying safe throughout your summer in China.

*photos are for reference only and may not be accurate representations of onsite housing facilities

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