My China Internship

My China Internship

I really enjoy working, yes you sure you read that right, don’t worry you are not insane.

It has been just around 3 weeks now, and I am happy to say that I am really adapting to Shanghai, I feel as if I have been here a lot longer, the weather, the housing, the food, the shopping, the transport and merely living in Shanghai has really settled on me and it is becoming more enjoyable everyday.

One important aspect in regards to being in Shanghai is of course work and my China Internship, I must say before arriving in Shanghai I had absolutely no clue what work would be like but I am now in my 10th day at work and this is how it goes:

internship chinaI wake up at 8am; get ready for work head off around 8:30am, travel between 2-3 train stops and walk about 1km to work. I usually start my day at my China Internship around 9:00am work until about 1pm, I then go for a lunch break, and usually end up working till about 6:00pm or 7:00pm.

Working here in Shanghai is totally different to working in Australia, I have learnt so much already, differences that occur to me consist of:

• Work hours are much longer
• Attention to detail is very important and is always enforced.
• Everything is fast paced all the time
• You must be productive at all times, there is never a time when your not busy
• On a daily too weekly basis there is timelines that must be met
• Business meetings are frequent
• There is a more high capacity of work to be complete
• Projects are due like everyday

china internshipMy line of work mainly revolves around, a high detail of project work, as I have had a lot of experience mainly working around big projects. At my China Internship I endure a fair amount of testing different applications associated with projects, I provide a detailed level of what needs to be modified, removed or upgraded, along with this feedback; I construct reports, queries and spreadsheets detailing my work.

In conjunction with project work I also undertake simple programming duties with use of Language PHP along with HTML design, and currently I am working toward higher cases as skills improve. I also undertake marketing and HR duties as I recruit contractors for different types of jobs as well as set prices for services my company offers to it’s clients.

So yes, I in fact undertake a lot of duties here at my internship in China, but I really enjoy working with such a great company. I must admit taking an internship in a different country is really an eye opening journey, back in Australia I must say workload, expectations and quality of work is really different, here in China, companies expect so much more from you in a confined amount of time, with high quality work.

These are good traits though because I am unlocking heavy potential powers I didn’t even know I had, I’m adapting ever so quickly and each day I am arriving at work even more early to begin my day and tackle work head on because I must say it is just so enjoyable, yes that is right work is great.

It is somewhat similar at times and different to what I have learnt and experienced with my studies and work duties at the University of Western Sydney, however I guess with any country normal tasks and concepts can be quite differentiating.

If you ever have the opportunity to take on an internship in a different country than it’s an opportunity worth taking.

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