At Absolute Internship we remain committed to providing life-changing opportunities for young, aspiring individuals. Our award-winning international internship programs give hundreds of go-getters the chance to chase their dreams every year. We began our scholarship initiative to ensure that the most talented and driven students and graduates are provided with an opportunity to thrive, regardless of their financial situation.

Below you can discover previous scholarship recipients, along with instructions on how to remain in the loop for future opportunities.

Malika Braz

Madrid, 2018

“Thank you Absolute Internship for recognizing me and providing me with the Absolute Scholarship. I am truly grateful and humbled for this opportunity.”

Kennedy Addo

Barcelona 2018

“Being chosen for the Creative & Marketing Scholarship is a true blessing. As a Finance major, it means a lot to be recognized for my dedication in the marketing field.”

Astra Kidani

Shanghai 2018

“I’m so grateful to have received this scholarship. I will no doubt put it to good use, and make the best out of this opportunity.”

Meagan Magee

Madrid 2017

“Overall, this has been an unforgettable experience”

Future Scholarships

Any upcoming scholarship opportunities will be announced through our regular newsletter and our blog.