Learn the art of business in China
The new gap year for western students: hundreds of young business wannabes are heading to China and Hong Kong, hoping the cultural experience will give them the the edge as they enter the jobs market.


Swedish Entrepreneur’s Multi Million Dollar Business Success: Why Mom And Dad Know Best
When you’re a student, clinching an international internship with a major multinational is one sure way of gaining a competitive edge in the jobs…

Bloomberg Businessweek

The China Internship Business Is Booming
Given China’s dramatic and evolving role in the global economy, many undergraduate business students are skipping summers on the beach for an internship in Beijing or Shanghai. The goal: to gain valuable…

Valor Economico

Estágios na China são o novo destino de férias de alunos americanos
Por causa do papel crescente da China na economia global, muitos estudantes universitários americanos de administração estão trocando verões na praia por estágios em Pequim ou Xangai.

BBC News

Go East, young person
With the Chinese economy growing at a rate that western economies can only dream of, the decision to spend this summer in Shanghai at an advertising company was not a hard one…

US News

Many American Students Interested in Gaining Experience in China
China’s role on the national stage has grown significantly in recent years. This is apparent based on college students’ increasing interest in studying and interning in the Asian nation.

Business Review Australia

Top 10 Tips on How to Build Contacts in China
Chinese businesses think long-term. So should you. It takes hard work and lots of patience to create and nurture a profitable and successful relationship with a Chinese company.

New York Times

Foreign Interns Head to China
Absolute Internship, which placed Ms. Lisek at a U.S. wealth management firm, will send around 700 interns to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong this year, up from 250 last year.

Business Review Europe

Could Chinese experience aid European austerity?
With Europe’s economy declining, students and graduates seek opportunities in the Far East; and in a crowded job market, having work experience in China on your CV can make a big difference.



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