Life As An Investment Banker

Life As An Investment Banker

In the investment banking industry, there is no normal day at work. There cannot be any expectations going to the office everyday because every day presents new challenges and new projects to tackle and solve. The part of the day that is the most routine is the commute too and from work. One of my co-workers and I leave our hotel at around 8:15am each morning and walk to the nearest metro station. After riding the metro 4 stops we get off and walk to our tower in downtown Pudong. The scenery and cityscape is absolutely amazing. Its still seems unreal working across the street from some of the tallest buildings in the world.

investment banking shanghaiWhen we arrive at our office, we usually start off the day checking the associate email account for updates with clients in the United States that operate overnight. One of my jobs is to research companies all over the world to see if they are worth investing in. I usually research statistics and business plans to see the general track that the company is on. If the company is worth it, I add it to the database with all contact information and statistical information. Another associate reaches out to the company to set up a meeting to discuss a potential investment. If the company is interested, I create a term sheet for the investment and send it to the CEO/CFO for review. If my managing director and the company are able to strike a deal, I will create and formulate a contract to make the deal official. This is one of the many tasks that I perform when at work.

Because my director is invested in many startups and companies, I will sometimes be instructed to perform tasks to develop the existing companies. This can include anything from market research to web development. This is exclusively the investment-banking portion of my job. I like to tell people that my job is two fold; investment banking work, and talking with my boss. My boss has been in the industry for over 20 years. To put it simply, he has seen it all. We frequently talk about everything under the stars. This includes investment banking, economic trends, market trends, politics, and life in general. Since I have started my position, I learned so much about business but also about life.

I am very fortunate to have the position that I do with so many different dynamics and opportunities.

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