Investment Banking Intern Lifestyle

Investment Banking Intern Lifestyle

shanghaiWalking into Standard Chartered Tower, I did not know what to expect. This was my first internship working for an investment bank. Before my departure, my professors described the lifestyle as rigorous and high paced. Walking in with that mentality had me eager to begin this new experience. My supervisor, is as intense as I imagined. The work done on a daily basis is often time pressured, but engaging. I have learned more about finance working for my supervisor in three weeks than my previous three years at Butler University.

A typical day consists of arriving at 9am to check my personal company email address. My supervisor will generally send emails that can range from interesting articles, term sheets that need review to funny videos to help start my day. Investment banking is a broad term. I have learned to understand that investment banking is primarily an entrepreneurial field. Generating as much revenue as possible is the daily task. Whether that consists of assisting the edits of legal term sheets for PIPE deals or reviewing client information.

shanghaiI have come to realize that I am more than capable of handling tasks I know little about. The great part of working for this company is being presented with a wide range of information sources. My supervisor routinely sends PowerPoints, excel data and other excerpts from colleagues for intern review. Through those excerpts I have been able to build a foundation of investment banking knowledge. Tackling assignments come with initial intimidation, but I find myself being able to work through daily tasks. It also helps having my supervisor sitting alongside me. If I ever need help or insight on a project he is there to provide the expertise.

Throughout my first 3 weeks at my company I have created a fully functional website for his start-up Blast MD, which is a protein beverage supplier endorsed by both the CBA and NBA. This website was constructed on CSS coding and through my MIS background at Butler University, I volunteered to help Shawn create the website. I have also investigated over 200 prospective investment opportunities, created 9 PIPE term sheets, a powerpoint presentation of a public tender for the Turkish lottery and have designed excel documents to fit the company template standards.

Long story short, I have been exposed to many fields of investment banking. My favorite part of my internship is my supervisor. He serves more as a mentor than a supervisor. Hearing about his previous career experience and his insight on recent market activity, brings excitement about the possibility of entering the field of investment banking following graduation.

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