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china transportWorking at my company in China has been an eye opening experience to say the least. Working in the luxury goods industry is a unique field in which I never would have thought I would experience. Dealing with exclusive products and high net worth individuals is an invaluable learning experience, which I will take with me to my next chapter in life. The individuals in which I work with are very intelligent and successful people. They provide unique insights and alternatives to difficult situations. Although the workplace is an serious environment, my colleagues also like to have a good time. We frequent dinner specials and happy hours as a group, getting a better understanding of each other along the way.

housing in chinaBeing a confident individual, I was tremendously more excited than nervous for my adventure to Shanghai. After restlessly arriving to the Pudong International airport, our group and I were greeted by a member of the Absolute Internship team. From that moment, I knew that my experience would be extremely well accommodated. After arriving to the hotel, I was thoroughly impressed by the living conditions that we were afforded. I could not be happier to have my own bedroom, bathroom, and balcony, eighteen floors above a beautiful city setting. After a fabulous traditional style Chinese meal with our group, my roommate August and I were so eager to explore Shanghai, that we took a cab to a nearby bar. The taxi experience was as unique as the city. It was my first time interacting with a Chinese-speaking individual, so using hand gestures to describe where we wanted to go was crucial. The following morning at orientation, I got to know the rest of the Absolute Internship team, and gained some basic knowledge about Shanghai and the Chinese culture.

marketing internAs my first day of work was approaching, I really didn’t know what to expect. While I have Interned at other companies, I have never interned abroad. Yes, I have always dreamed of working in Shanghai, but this would really be the moment of truth. I never got to experience what Chinese Business Culture was really like. I had many questions running through my head on my commute to my first day of work. “Will I fit into the business culture here?” “Will I clash with my coworkers?” “Am I ready for what this internship has to offer me?” Thankfully, now I can say that I have overcome all of these insecurities. Starting my fourth week of working at my company, I can say that I’ve been able to grow as a professional.

office in londonAt around nine thirty every morning I walk into the upstairs office of the company and plop down in my chair at my desk situated right next to my supervisor's, the senior editor. The majority of days I have been there I have worked on an ongoing project focusing on converting hard copy books currently out of print into a type of e-book format on their upcoming website. The books are mainly encyclopedias and what I have worked on primarily focuses on music and musicians in general. The idea is to turn certain parts of each book, such as specific chapters in books discussing a singular artist or sections discoursing particular decades of music in more wide range works, into their own individual articles. That way when you search the subject on the website it will bring you to a coherent and independent piece that can stand on its own without connections to the book. That make sense? You awake? It’ll be much more interesting than I make it sound, I promise.
As someone more interested in creative writing I sadly don’t get to contribute any part of my imagination to this as the text already, well, exists. We’re just moving it from paper to a computer screen. My job here is to format. I work on a program called Quark because apparently it’s more reliable than Microsoft Word with all its ‘tricksy habits’ (that is seriously what the boss man called them). I won’t comment on that. I mostly focus on changing headings and the style of album and film names to italics…and that is exactly as boring as it sounds.

After a looong flight of about eight hours and an overall travel time of twelve hours (though I suppose those hailing from Australia would scoff at that with at least one fellow intern putting in a whopping fourteen hours of flying-cue my eyes falling out of my head) I finally landed in London Heathrow airport on Friday July first at about 7:40 am for my July/ August internship in the city. That didn’t necessarily mean I met our group coordinator, Vedant or the rest of my arrived group at that point since the customs line took about two or three hours to slog through-urf.

It feels like just yesterday I was calling my mom from my apartment at the University of Pittsburgh to let her know I would be going to Spain in five months. Now, I am sitting in Madrid writing about the last three days spent in this wonderful new city. So, to take advantage of this downtime, I suppose it is time I allow myself to do some reminiscing over the past 72 jet-lagged filled hours.

“Inside a building on Paseo de la Castellana, you will find cheery people who are eager to get into their offices and start their day. With over 10 offices in a communal building, you can find my company. It is an office with 7 hardworking individuals who want nothing but success for the travel and event agency. It is a fun, cool environment where lots of laughs are shared and I have the opportunity to work there for 2 whole months.
Just to give some background information, the company assists people in planning bachelor, bachelorette and college trips across Europe. The focus on their planning in countries of Spain and Portugal.

We all know the job market can be extremely competitive. While hundreds of applicants are all vying for just a handful of positions, a strong CV can mean the difference between landing a job and simply being skipped over the pile. Your CV is the opportunity to display your skills, prior work experience and give the impression you are the best candidate for the role. Sounds pretty straight-forward, right? But actually, there is a fine line between providing valuable information and actually hindering your chances. Whether you’re just getting started, or fine-tuning your CV, have a look at a few simple tips.

An internship is an ideal way for a student or recent graduate to gain experience in their desired sector. Not only is it the opportunity to grow professionally, but also personally. However, the key to success in the workplace is maintaining strong workplace relationships and understanding your essential role in your team.

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In recent years, Madrid has elevated itself to an important business hub in Europe. With the rise or start­ups and foreign businesses settling in Madrid, aspects of the original Hispanic Spanish culture have begun to fade to make way for new customs. For example, the traditional Spanish “siesta’”, a short nap taken at the beginning of the afternoon, has taken a backseat to the full working day, as Madrilenians become increasingly busy.

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We get questions from students all the time on “how to interview.” What are the best techniques to land that internship or job? What should I say to make them like me? Better yet, what shouldn’t I say? The good news is, there’s no one right way to interview. Cliché as it may sound, the key to acing any interview is to be yourself. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from students with our tips for being the perfect interviewee.

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First night in Shanghai to explore the Shanghai nightlife and you’re beyond psyched to hit the town. That’s great! While we all love to have a good time, dancing the night away, meeting new people and enjoying a few drinks, don’t forget your limits. You’re in a new place, surrounded by the unfamiliar, so be smart and keep your wits about you. Have a drink or two, but don’t overdo it, folks!

Did you know that there are over 400 new Madrid startups and over 1700 new startups in Spain? But, what does this mean for university students? That means lots of opportunities. The intern and startup relationship is one of the most mutually beneficial partnerships in the business world. On the one hand, interns get an insight into every dimension of a company’s growth period, while on the other hand, startups benefit from the fresh ideas and high ambition of interns required to make a new business soar.